24 hour comic day was on 01/10/16 and John and I made a start on Issue 2 of Bugs and Boiled Eggs. We enjoyed the day and got about 12 finished pages in 12 hours.
Lucy inspired this by gazing wistfully into the fridge when i was grabbing the milk for my tea.
She adores my bed. admittedly this is not an 100% likeness of my room, its normally much messier.
Doggy Dreams
Luckily for Baby Groot she's female.
Its a Dogs life in the Doghouse.
A misunderstanding by a friend led to the Dog of Dogs.
Lucy really is the best dog ever. and i got some new coloured inks to play with.
Bunny Love.
i Want a bird table like this.
Lucy attempting to play charades.
The horde should also be of knowledge.
watching Great British bake off while drawing has odd effects.
My good friend Kylie who runs a 50's style American diner in her cool uniform.
Fluffy 3 headed dragon, check... why was I drawing that again?
Posy of sheep for my beloved one...
Vampire Rock.
several days of a lack of inspiration.
ink testing.
It was a dark and not so stormy night.
The warren - this actually took 2 evenings of inktober.
Which I then painted. 
... umm.
Yay Rainbow dragon!! I need more of these in my life.
a second dragon completed while watching the great British bake off final. Sadly I didn't 100% complete Inktober this year as work got extra busy for the last week of it. Better luck next year!
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