Once the Paint kit was updated this was my test painting. My regular model Lucy has amassed a rather large toy collection and spent an evening lining them up in front of the dog bed. Thus this image was created.
This year our family had increased as John and his Cat Pazuzu moved in. That meant for the 2015 Xmas card I wanted to show the slightly confused response my dog Lucy received from Pazuzu, Mostly it was a Hisss.
For the inside of the card I had a rather Chipper Santa and his list. 
A wildlife theme this year with some attendance from a few Bunsen Bunnies for the festivities. Just larger than A4 this and the previous 2 images were created in watercolours over an inked illustration.  
The Travel watercolour kit received a revamp this year, I moved to a larger Tin (It previously contained watercolour post cards one of which has been glued to the lid) 
This was the new kit expanded, the half pan containers were purchased empty and once superglued in place filled from watercolour tubes (Bar a few spare pans I had sitting about) the whole tin was then placed in the hot press for a few days to dry out. I harvested several travel paint brushes and these are blutacked into the lower RHS of the tin. I used a layer of greaseproof paper glued to the back of the colour chart to make sure the paint wouldn't stick when damp to the chart. 
Lastly the white mixing tray was convieniently a good size for the tin and has been tacked to the inside of the lid for storage.
I have developed a habit of sketching with clutch pencils, particularly the coloured lead so have a selection of labels holders for this.
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