Over the last couple of years I have been really enjoying playing with photographs by sketching into them. These are all my own photographs and I hope you enjoy what I added in to them.
The purple plant here had only a short while before this been doused in very heavy rain which flattened it almost as if a large cat or perhaps a dragon had taken a nap on it.
intrepid explorer Lucy, and her imaginary human.
Sea swimmers and walkers sighted in the same area as the wall in the photograph here.
So… where did the farmer go/
The wall is actually part of a local walled garden’s wall and they have a large collection of birds, so I thought I’d add in some of my birds.
The light in this photo was just lovely.
What happens when you spend more time than expected playing D&D with friends. 
Just who is hunting whom here?
Just relaxing with Tea. 
If you have the time, rewatch ‘Little shop of horrors’ and then go to a garden. Your imagination may have more fun than you do =)
Patental unit let loose with a mobility scooter. 
Originally done for a Mother’s Day card, however I found it rather amusing and kept a copy.

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